B Walker Ranch
“Ma and Pa Kettle” Ranch House

$80,000 in total
$80 for every donation
Be one in a thousand to make a dream come true!

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“Ma and Pa Kettle” Ranch House $80

I AM the change, count me in

$110,000 in total
$10,000 a share
11 Shares available
Buy one or buy ’em all
Name the Barn with your generous donation

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B Walker Barn $110,000

The “Barn” will be the Signature Building on the Ranch. It will house the Animal Husbandry Program, Horticulture Program and Art Therapy Program.

$10,000 donation.
Let the sun shine through.

Large Green House $10,000

Donation of $1,000 or more.
“Before the chicken or the egg… we need the Coop!”

Chicken Coop $1,000

8×8 wood and steel coop will be home to 8 to 12 chickens. We can always have more chickens.

Donation of $500 or more
“Tumbleweed” and friends.
You can never have enough friends.

Alpacas $500

Friendly, personable, darling.

Donation of $500

Farm Tools$500

Donation of $500

Rototiller $500

Cub Cadet 24 in. 208 cc Front-Tine Forward-Rotating Gas

Donation of $300 for 400 feet

400′ Cedar Split Rail Fencing $300

Donation of $200

Compost Bin$200

Donation of $50.

Vegetable Table$50

Donation of $25

Garden Hose System$25

Donation of $25

Garden Equipment$25

Donation of $25

Work Apron$25

Donation of $25

Organic Seed Bundles$25

B Walker Ranch
6 Pak Pal Donation Club

6 Pak of Chicks $25

6 Months of Feed$100

6 Rows of Flowers$50

6 Grape Vines – Mini Vineyard$100

B Walker Ranch
Ranch Hand Donation Club

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